Top 5 Portable Speakers you can buy right now

The market for Portable speakers has grown tremendously in the past few years with a good reason i.e. quality has increased, and prices have dropped. Every new model can stream music from nearly any smartphone or tablet.

Here are top 5 Portable Speakers that provide mesmerizing sound, and they will give you high quality home theater sound experience.

5. Libratone Zipp is available in red and salty gray colors

It has a fresh and fashionable portable design that would look great in every room of your house. Libratone ZIPP combines unique sound quality with multi-room connectivity.

The most distinct feature of Libratone Zipp is Play direct. Libratone PlayDirect technology generates a direct network connection between your Libratone Zipp speaker and your music equipment, making Libratone Zipp the great portable speaker for home entertainment and is even perfect for outdoor music listening.


Certain features separate Libratone Zipp from other Portable Speakers. For example, it has an excellent battery life capable of delighting the consumers with up to 8-hours of continuous music streaming over wired connections or 4-hours untethered. It provides a total power of 60 watts. Libratone uses patented technology: Full room and it offers a phenomenal 360-degree sound listening experience that reduces distortion even at top volume.

4. WOOFit Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker


WOOFit Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available in four new metallic colors: gunmetal gray, rose gold, brass, and copper at

It has a sleek shape and extraordinary sound quality that can enthrall music lovers. Buttons are hidden from the eyes as they are diligently placed at the bottom of the device. A large ‘ring’ which contains all controls: power, volume, play/pause and a ‘mode’ button allow users to flick between Bluetooth, Aux in, and SD card.

WOOFit Ultra-Portable Speaker is a handy Bluetooth speaker that provide fascinating acoustic sound. It has an intuitive design that ensures that listeners get surround sound while listening to their favorite music. Though Woofit

Ultra-Portable Speakers are small in size, surely serve well as house-party speakers.
These are rechargeable and are capable of giving you hours of easy music listening. With built-in Bluetooth receiver and you can stream music directly from your Bluetooth enabled music device (iPod, PC/Mac).

3. Sonos Play: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker


Sonos is renowned for giving an elegant feel and touch to its portable speakers. Sonos has inevitably raised the bar in acoustic sound with this new model.

You can control different music sources from one app shared with complete multi-room capabilities and can listen to your complete collection in every room of your home. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac and PC devices. Sonos offers free software updates recurrently to make one’s system brand new and even after many years of purchase, you will continue to encounter improved soothing sound.

Sonos is a luxury speaker brand that offers wireless play to ensure top performance for music listeners. One can connect the Sonos speakers at home Wi-Fi web or directly to the router to create a devoted wireless network when Wi-Fi signals aren’t consistent.

2. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker


Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker is available in five colors: white, black, red, blue and mint. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker has phenomenal sound performance. The colored design adds some much-needed spirit to Bose’s audio lineup, and the battery life is surely remarkable.

Bose SoundLink is a Bluetooth Stereo Speaker that ensures Wireless audio streaming and is extremely portable as it can easily fit in your bag. It plays your desired tunes from your preferred Bluetooth device, giving loud and clear audio. You can take it anywhere you want as it is a small, long-lasting and easy to carry speaker system. Moreover, it comes in a spectrum of colors to match almost everyone’s style.

It has an impressive battery life as it provides up to 8 hours of continuous music. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth option is a workhorse that outpaces the competition in this price range.

1. Sonos Play: 5 Portable Speaker


Sonos Play: 5 Portable Speaker is the flagship model of Sonos brand. Though it is compact it packs a punch of high-quality sound. Its edges are now rounder, and it has been completely re-engineered as compared to the previous model.

Sonos Play: 5 provides a stereo sound and is a great way to re-invent any home audio system. This is by far the most powerful speakers Sonos has created till date. Great speakers are nestled beneath a sealed acoustic enclosure that ensures inessential noise is kept away. It can work seamlessly with any iPod touch, Android device, iPhone, and iPad by connecting to Sonos system through home WiFi network. These wireless speakers are bit expensive, but high-quality sound and integrated multi-room control feature justify the price.