Six of the Very Best Bluetooth Travel Speakers

When it comes to cherishing traveling memories that songs create, you want to have the best Bluetooth speakers money can buy to make this entirely possible. And while there may be hundreds of models to choose from in the market today, the best Bluetooth travel speakers have a huge difference from their competition with unique features and affordable prices you won’t have to bust the bank to settle with one.

Moreover, we understand that you want a portable travel speaker that won’t take a lot of space yet still have a high-end sound quality. Our list of the six very best Bluetooth travel speakers will perhaps give you a few pointers of the best models and help you make an informed decision.

The Jam Double Down


Just as its name suggests, the Jam Double Down speaker from Jam Audio allows you the opportunity to double the sound and the fun whenever you travel. It is a very nice upgrade from your phone speaker and comes at a very affordable price. While it is still great to use one Jam Double Down speaker, this portable speaker will make things even more fun if you buy two and pair them for an immersive stereo sound.
Further, this palm-size speaker is splash-proof and has a rugged rubberized body that allows for maximum durability. It will connect wirelessly to any device that is Bluetooth enabled at least within a 10-metre range.

Thanks to the handy speakerphone function, you can quickly answer a call directly from the speaker. No need worrying about charging since you can use this Bluetooth enabled speaker for at least six hours before another charge.

UE Roll 2


Ultimate Ears introduces you to one of the unique and ultraportable speaker you’ll find on the market. And just like its predecessors, the UE Roll 2 offers you an irresistible combination of high-end sound quality, water resistance, portability, and ruggedness at an affordable price.

It plays loud enough to fill any hotel room and you’ll surely need to shout to be heard. Aside from its big bold, beautiful design, the UE Roll 2 additionally has a thick bungee cord on its back making it ultra-portable. You can strap it on your backpack, your bike or anywhere you want else provided you want to listen to good music on the go.

Moreover, this speaker is completely waterproof and an excellent choice if you’re taking a kayak adventure or perhaps holding a shower party. It is compatible with Android and Apple i-OS and equally allows three people to connect and play music through a single speaker. This is truly among the best Bluetooth speakers for the outdoor party-lover.

Creative iRoar GO


Aside from being a splash-proof wireless speaker, Creative iRoar Go also comes designed with a microSD slot that allows it to play music solo. Furthermore, it is a tiny speaker, yet it features five drivers. Creative’s iRoar is also weather resistant and has a super wide mode that allows for a comprehensive audio experience wherever you are. You’ll want to consider this portable Bluetooth speaker if you’re looking for a speaker that can equally plug into a computer via USB

Bose SoundLink Mini II


The Bose SoundLink Mini II is the most sought-after travel speaker, and of course, it’s with good reason. Well, aside from being affordable and worth your money, this carbon rectangular speaker is quite portable and can easily fit in your handbag. It has an alarming deep bass that offers you a full-range listening experience and additionally features a built-in speakerphone giving you the freedom to pick calls via it.

Bose’s SoundLink Mini II has a rechargeable battery that will last you nearly 10 hours. Moreover, the voice prompts that guide you through the Bluetooth pairing process make this the best Bluetooth speaker you’ll find on the market.

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Riva S


If you’re ready to spend more on a small travel Bluetooth speaker, then the Riva S is the ideal choice for you. Don’t worry you’ll surely feel your money’s worth with its unique features including a USB charge port that lets you charge other devices, a water-resistant design and a 13-hour battery playing time.

It has a more balanced bass, and seven drivers all packed in a single tiny speaker. Other unique features of the Riva S RTS01S include LED indicators, a handheld remote control, and a hands-free mode. No speaker will make your travel memories worth it as the Riva S.

Dali Katch


The Dali Company has received a lot of praise in designing the best hi-fi speakers and now they’re out to give you a Bluetooth speaker perfect for your travel and outdoor activities. The Katch not only screams sophistication but also allows you to feel your money’s worth with its unique features and out-of-the-world design.

Its operation is conversely very simple and easy with basic controls on the speaker and no app. It has a remarkable battery life that will last up to 24 hours but be sure to let it charge for at least two hours.

This technophobe-friendly speaker has an excellent sound quality with tremendous volume and great balance. The Katch is surely a travel speaker that will sound better than your hi-fi making it deserving of your attention.

Wrapping it all up

Of course, when it comes to getting the speakers that are portable and ideal for travel, the price is also an important consideration. However, do not allow the price tags on these six travel speakers shadow your decision on finding the perfect choice. These six speakers have unique and special features that will undoubtedly make your travel experience even more fun and quite memorable you’ll want to review them before making an informed decision.