Libratone Zipp Review

Libratone has taken the competition in speaker industry a notch higher. Zipp wireless speaker is the latest release by Libratone that has everyone talking, particularly due to its designs and quality of the sound. There are numerous features that come with this speaker that makes it stand out from the competitions. Apart from being the common Bluetooth speakers, the new release comes with a Wi-Fi as an additional feature that allows you to roll your multi-room music system. That’s something that most of the competing brands in the market don’t have.

The typical Bluetooth speakers on the market are designed for listening only when the users is on the go but they lack the flexibility for home use. But with the new release, Libratone believes that they are providing the market with a product that addresses the two situations. The Zipp wireless speaker is not just any other Bluetooth speaker that you can take on the go but one that you can also use at home comfortably. With additional feature, Wi-Fi, it can support Apple AirPlay and DLNA streaming over the wireless network for better range and sound quality than the typical Bluetooth speakers.


Libratone has done an excellent job in crafting what we can call as the most beautiful speakers on the market today. If fact, if you’re looking for a beautifully designed speakers in the market today, then Zipp wireless speaker would be the ideal choice. The speaker comes with minimalism designs that make it great especially for those who enjoy Scandinavian aesthetics. It’s a large cylindrical speaker with a soft jacket that literally zips into place and that’s where the name comes from. What’s interesting is the fact that you can customize the jacket colour from a range of eight hues provided by manufacturer including Victory Red and Signal Yellow.

Zipp also features a circular light up touch that allows the user to control everything from quick access to favourite internet radio stations, volume, and speaker pairing. On the bottom of the speaker, you’ll find a USB-A port for topping your phone on the go, 3.5mm aux jack, charging port, and power button. But we’ve identified a slight problem with the charging port in that it blocks the outlet while in use. We also realised that you couldn’t use the USB-C to charge a feature that most of the accessories are moving towards.


When it comes to performance, then the Libratone Zipp tops the list. It’s a big speaker and with it comes a big sound. When we say round, we don’t loud and annoying sound that most of the speakers are known for. Zipp has the ability to fill the room with loud and beautifully balanced sound. You’ll love the meaty authority that its bass has to the point that it’ll rattle objects around the house. That’s why it’s advisable that you place the speakers on a surface if you’re planning to bumping tunes loudly.

But the overall sound signature of this speaker is neutral with slight warmth that keeps the room’s environment cool and lovely. Sometimes back, users complained about the company’s touch controls not registering 100% of the time and the company has improved on this with Zipp. They have updated the software to work much better than the previous releases, register most taps and also swipes the first time. The inclusion of the Wi-Fi allows for the Apple Airplay and DNLA support is also a great feature that sets Zipp aside from the competition. This feature also allows you connect the speaker with your home network to roll your own multi-room sound system. With it, you can pair up to Six Zipp speakers in different rooms to play the same song.

Most people may wish to compare Libratone Zipp with Sonos, but the two are quite different. Apart from some features that Sonos has over Zipp such as seamless mesh networking system, stable and seamless multi-room listening experience, the former is strictly an in house speaker- it does not have the battery to use on the go. Zip comes with a relatively short 10 hours battery which is expected from the speaker of its size.


We can comfortably say this is one seriously good speaker to spend your money on. After spending some time with it, we were impressed by its performance and mostly the quality of the sound and the additional features such as the Wi-Fi and multi-room functions. There are numerous brands such as Sonos that are great for multi-room audio, but if you’re looking for a flexibility of taking speakers outdoor and be able to synchronise six speakers in different rooms, Libratone Zipp is what you need. Try it, and you will be impressed.