Enjoy 200 Watts fo Audio Goodness from KEF’s LS50W Wireless Speaker

The hi-tech cones glowering at you from the front of the KEF’s LS50W active speakers remind one of the Mars rover’s spinner rims. The cones aesthetics are achieved by a combination of the 5.25-inch aluminum alloy moats and lemon juicer aluminum domes that make for stunning visuals, which should never be hidden under a grill. And even while some of the copper on white, blue on black, and red on gray color combos make for stunning visuals, they were not designed for that aesthetic. And it is not only about looks, as the LS50 Wireless provides a rich, intense, accurate clear and transparent sound that makes for an exquisite multi-dimensional sound stage experience. What makes this one of the best wireless speakers a combination of state of the art technologies that have been fitted into the compartments to provide the clearest sound from the expert acoustic design.

The fine looking driver arrays are made using the KEF’s Uni-Q technology that has been in development for the past 28 years. The speakers have a very unique installation of the midrange driver and the tweeter; rather than have these installed on single planes on the speaker cabinet, the design has them looking like a prototype hardboiled egg white and egg yolk. To get all the sound emanating from the same place the tweeter, which looks like a citrus smashing bulls eye is mounted right in the center of the midrange driver.


In addition, these are more than speakers, given that the audio components inside, make them a completely self-contained entertainment center. Each of the foot deep cabinets comes with a streaming preamp, a DSP that works with 192 kHz/24-bit audio and two DACs. You get 30 watts from the tweeter amps and a further 200 watts from the built in driver amps. The midrange drivers have a maximum output of 40Hz, and so you would need to switch on the subwoofers if you would like more wattage. The acoustic design eliminates coloration, resonance, sound radiation, and cabinet vibration using its innovative seamless integration. Some of the features include an elliptical flexible sound port, precision engineered curved baffle, constrained layer damping bracing, Uni-Q driver, and the FEA designed cabinet.

The LS50 wired speakers released by the brand five years ago heavily influenced the new LS50W that are basically a wireless loop of the five year old accessories. However, most of the built in features are brand new, though the new model is heavier than the earlier LS50s model since they have more tech stuff mounted on them. Nonetheless, the increased bulk and weight is totally worth it, as it makes for the best clarity of sound, making it one of the best wireless speakers that KEF has ever produced.

In essence, getting the wireless speakers is as easy as plugging in the accessories. With synchronizing capabilities, music streaming is a breeze through the dual band Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth that comes with AptX. The back of the speakers features USB, Ethernet, RCA, and optical inputs. And not to forget the innovative app that allows the listener to optimize performance and adjust system equalizer settings, depending on where they are in the room. This is made possible by the innovative positioning of the tweeter inside the midrange cone, which makes for a more integrated, accurate and three-dimensional sound that is of the highest quality from any location inside a room.

However, if you were hoping that the LS50Ws combo of acclaimed performance, built in technologies, and aesthetics was going to cost something affordable, here’s a dashing of your prayers: I kid you not. Going for $2,200 each, you are getting a lot of value with the built in-home audio components. Besides the speakers are not coming out until December, and so if you really want them, you could save up and snap them up when they are released.

What makes the LS50 the best wireless speakers is the combination of elegance and simplicity. This is one of the easiest wireless speakers to set up and use, yet it provides some of the best high tech sound that any audio head would die for, made possible by the Uni-Q driver and innovative audio engineering. Getting that unbelievable audio experience is as easy as plugging it into the power socket and connecting it to an audio device, to relish some of the highest quality audio sound that you could ever wish for.