Braven Releases Three Top wireless Speakers Fit for any Interior Decor

If you are an ardent fan of Braven, I am sure you got bored with their usual line of outdoor market speakers. You perhaps thought this portable speaker company had hit a wall. A wall that barred them from coming up with creative speaker designs. If that’s your position, prepare yourself for some great news!! Braven have designed a completely new line of top wireless speakers! I am sure that sounds like soothing music to your ear. If this news got you by surprise, hold your breath for a minute as I delve deeper to the specs of these speakers. Braven have turned their tables upside down. Usually when you mention anything about Braven, people probably get a picture of exterior, tough-waterproof speakers. This time round you may get it all wrong, Braven has decided to add class and elegance in their speakers by designing the Braven 1100, 2200, and 2300 speakers – a perfect fit for your home interior décor. In this write up we will shed light on each of these speakers and delve on their specs.

The Braven 1100


If you have heard of the Braven 850, you will probably identify with the Braven 1100. This speaker takes after the Braven 850 but has been modified with modern components and an extended battery life that gives it a new, refreshing look. In addition, its exterior has been modified from the hard Braven 850 aluminium to a well designed fabric. The speaker comes equipped with two internal radiators having an expanded note ranges that offers enriched high and low pitches. The bass notes are well relayed, the Braven 1100 has a SRS WOW HD bass that rumbles with smooth bass. When it comes to its battery, this new wireless speaker has a battery that will last up to 28 hours. It has a well installed power bank that can charge your smartphone yet ensure that you make your calls hands-free, thanks to its noise repellant internal microphone. It is also possible to pair a Braven 1100 with another 1100 in order to create a great left-right stereo effect. The Braven 1100 is available in the market and it sells for $249.99 US. When it comes to the packaging, this wireless speaker comes in black and white colors.

The Braven 2200


Probably the best speaker on the market, Braven 2200M have the best Bluetooth Smart technology that works well with a Braven Smart App to deliver a high quality sound. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and Smart App the Braven 2200 is able to deliver a more quality sound. Its 10 hour battery life, Bluetooth speakers, hands free calling and smartphone charging capabilities make this speaker a stand out amongst similar speakers in the market. To crown it all, Braven have made it possible for 2 Braven 2200Ms speakers to be paired allowing for a great left-right stereo effect. Lovers of wireless speakers will have to part with $299.99 US to acquire this top wireless speaker. When it comes to the packaging, the Braven 2200M is available in white colors only.

The Braven 2300


Tipped to be slightly taller and better than the 2200M, Braven 2300 is the most advanced portable speaker among the three. The 2300 has the most powerful features ranging from advanced Bluetooth technology, extended range drivers, dual tweeters and a subwoofer that offers superb bass. The 2300 will transform your home with its design that is meant to look gorgeous anywhere, whether on a table or hanging on a wall mount. The 2300 also features an integrated sub-woofer for music that rubbles the entire house. In order to create a great left-right stereo sound, Braven have incorporated a feature that allows for users to pair two 2300 speakers. When it comes to functionality, this speaker has a Braven Smart App that incorporates features that enhance the quality of sound. The 2300 can also charge a smartphone and supports speakerphone calling. If you are looking for this speaker, you will part with $349.99 US. The Braven 2300 comes in black or white colors.

As seen above, Braven has combined unparalleled style with cutting-edge technology to produce top wireless speakers for the indoors that will deliver amazing ultra-premium High Density sound all in a great package. These Braven speakers are available and can be bought directly from Braven or Amazon. They come loaded with great channel stereo for booming and enveloping sound. The Braven 1100, 2200 and 2300 will be available for $249.99, $299.99 and $349.99 respectively.