Bose QC25 Review

Bose QC25 was introduced back in 2014 replacing the previous QC15. They represent the next generation of noise cancellation earphones, thanks to their aesthetic design featuring great comfort and performance. Though the manufacturer has retained much of the previous designing, Bose QC25 comes in a more and refreshed styling with better sound quality.


The overall design of the Bose QC25 looks sturdier and durable. They adopt a new folding design featuring dual hinge. The manufacturer has maintained the previous comfort with added lightweight designing and aforementioned cast-zinc hinges. Most of its parts are made using premium plastic materials with some metal finishing.

Without the cable, the earphones weigh about 6.9 ounces and you can choose between white or black color. For those opting for customized color, you can order your own customized color at an extra fee of approximately $100. The cable is quite thicker than the previous model and is 25 mm long. You can replace the cable in case you lose it or it if it gets spoil.

There is a perfect balance between weight, comfort and the sound quality produced by Bose QC25 earphones. The previous ancillary lines adopted by the previous version has been replaced by more straight lines with some matte finishing and silver logo. The new headband now collapses at the hinges above the ear cups to enhance compact storage of the earphones. The cups fold inwards for easy portability and storage.

For enhanced comfort level, Bose QC25 now adopts a smooth arc while the previous puffy leather pad has been replaced with a slimmer synthetic cushion. This means that you can now wear the earphones for long hours without any kind of discomfort. The headband tension have also been increased to provide a more secure fit into your head.

Features and Performance

The first thing you need to look for whenever purchasing an earphone is the sound quality. Bose QC25 earphones present a pleasant sound quality with an excellent noise cancellation system. The soundstage is well defined and wide enough for such closed-back earphone of its category. Ranging from the powerful base to clear treble, the sound quality is perfect with this earphone model. The quality sound you receive is due to the awesome hardware design featuring an inbuilt headphone amplifier and two microphones in each of the earpieces. It is these microphones that are responsible for noise cancellation. They do so by listening to disturbing outside noise such as car engine roar and airplane engine rumble after which they subtract the noise from desired sound.

Bose QC25 earphones operate on a single non-rechargeable AAA battery which is rated to run for up to 35 hours. There is a green power LED which starts blinking 8 hours before the battery dies, as a warning. However, the earphones are still capable of operating even without the batteries though sound quality will be quite lower.


  • Prefect active noise-cancellation
  • Balanced sound Quality
  • Great design for a comfortable fit
  • Can operate without batteries


  • The metal finishing can easily be damaged when the cups scrap against each other due to inward folding.
  • Sound quality and noise cancellation become muffled minus the battery.


In conclusion, the Bose QC25 are awesome earphones and I recommend them for anyone looking for a perfect sound quality. You will enjoy a great entertainment from your mobile device or PC, even when you are in a noisy environment.