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From noise cancelling headphones to portable speakers to Bluetooth and wireless speakers, Heathenstar.com is committed to providing the most accurate and latest updates, information and reviews on the web.

Heathenstar was pioneered to make life sound better. We are obsessed with creating and sharing unique and authentic reviews of different products that relate to headphones and speakers to stimulate our readers’ imaginations and guide them with the advancements of technology.

This website was created so everyone, whether starting out to search for new products or those who want to experience new upgrades, can embrace the best and truthful information about the products sold in the market today.

Here, we offer valuable and truthful data about some of the following products:

Noise-cancelling headphones 

If you’re looking for a reference on some of the best noise-cancelling headphones in the market today, then this website is exactly for you. These are headphones that are able to decrease undesirable outside sounds. Compared to passive headphones that use soundproofing technique, the noise cancelling headphones reduce unwanted noise using active noise control. This technique makes it possible for a traveller to sleep even with the noise of vehicles without having to raise the music volume excessively. Compared to soundproof headphones, noise-cancelling headphones enable outside noise control while still being able to hear outside important information like safety announcements for example.

This website is created so that readers stay up-to-date the latest innovations of different brands of noise-cancelling headphones in the market today and to help them become guided on how to choose for the best brand to suit their needs. Heathenstar also aims to help people compare costs and provide some pros and cons of the leading noise-cancelling headphone brands in the market.

Wireless Speakers 

Heathenstar targets to provide useful information on the many types, brands, and prices of wireless speakers available in the market today. Many people want wireless music but always end up with the difficulty in deciding which type is the best for them. This is the kind of information Heathenstar wants to come up with; so that readers are steered to making the right choice from a wide array of wireless options. We want to present some of the best picks of wireless speakers’ brands- from features like eye grabbing color combinations, to clever gesture controls, and price ranges. We want users to experience the maximum potentials of playing their music from smartphone, tablet or PC without the need of cables anymore. We want to help create a meaningful experience amongst users using Airplay, and Wi-fi with our web posts.

Bluetooth Speakers 

From how it works to its benefits and to some of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market, Heathenstar aims to provide the latest information to enhance the readers’ convenience and comfort. We intend to direct buyers the advantages of choosing Bluetooth speakers rather than the traditional ones and what they can get out of their budgets. We want to help them define what they are looking for, the features they want to enjoy, and the design they opt to buy. We want buyers to enjoy streaming music wirelessly from their phone or tablet with a wide range of choices- from inexpensive portable models to stationary sonic masterpieces. We would like to present to them helpful reviews to guide them buy the brand of Bluetooth speaker perfectly tailored to suit their perfect music experience.

Portable Speakers 

Since not all portable speakers are made equal, Heathenstar wants to welcome readers with its list of top picks from the best portable speakers around. Whether you are looking for something rugged, good-to-go, stylish or lightweight, we want to provide you with helpful tips so you are able to add the best portable speaker in your tech arsenal. We want to create articles that will inform readers of the latest trend of portable speaker industry such as improvements in battery technology making them last for hours, waterproof features allowing you to use these speakers even in humid conditions and superb clarity of music output.

In Heathenstar, we want to stand by certain values like truthfulness, honesty and passion in delivering out articles that help people in their day-to-day speaker struggles.

We at Heathenstar don’t sell or promote fake products; we don’t create non-sense reviews, and we don’t provide inaccurate information on the products we write about.